Snikwah Steps Up the Fishing Lifestyle at ICAST

Snikwah to reveal their new patented line of superior performance wear at ICAST 2014.

When you think about fishing accessories and clothing, amazing doesn’t typically come to mind. But this summer at ICAST, the world’s largest sport fishing trade show, Snikwah will be revealing its new clothing line which can be summed up in one word – amazing. Their superior performance wear will debut to thousands of customers in Orlando, FL from July 15th - 18th at the Orange County Convention Center, and will prove that sport fish clothing doesn’t have to be boring.

Snikwah’s original design features a new graphic fishing line with bold graphics and a unique fish camo shirt for men and women. It offers the wearer full protection from the environment. The patented, long-sleeved shirt is also made entirely of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced fabric available, drirelease. Drirelease technology keeps the wearer cooler in hotter temperatures and warmer in colder temperatures. Its special yarn actually pulls liquid away from the skin and pushes it outside of the fabric, where it quickly evaporates. It’s ideal active wear for the active lifestyle.

"It all comes down to a great product, once people see it, it sells itself. The Snikwah Original allows active people more mobility and protection without being another thing to carry."

Roy Smith, Snikwah President

With all the hype aside, “It all comes down to a great product,” says Snikwah President, Roy Smith. “Once people see it, it sells itself. Snikwah allows active people more mobility and protection without being another thing to carry.”

The Snikwah team is extremely excited to display their new clothing line at ICAST this summer and show exactly what it means to “be snikwah.” John Burton explained, “Snikwah is a lifestyle, it’s a state of being. You know the feeling you get when you speeding across the Gulf, or when you hook a 400lb Marlin or when you’re free falling at 12,000 feet? That’s Snikwah!”

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 About Snikwah: Snikwah is a performance clothing company based in Naples, Florida. The creators wanted active wear that allowed them to do what they do, only better. Just like the people that wear it, there is nothing else quite like it. Snikwah’s Original is a patented, convertible neck performance shirt which features full range head and upper body coverage. It is made of top quality wicking material by Dri-Release. Dri-Release removes moisture from the body to stabilize your internal body temperature in challenging environments like the heat of the burning sun or biting wind with SPF 50 for additional sun protection. These materials will not wash out over time unlike other products of its kind. This high performance shirt is developed for all outdoor activities from varsity sports to fishing from mudding to hiking. It is breathable versatility for any challenge.


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