Snikwah Introduces Lifestyle Sizing for Performance Apparel

Snikwah Breaks the Lifestyle Sizing Code and Introduces Lifestyle Sizing for Performance Apparel to Designate the Appropriate Fit Based on the the Activity

Finding the right size of anything can be a challenge, so Snikwah has created a sizing chart to aide first time buyers find the perfect fit. They have based the sizes on lifestyle and activities. For instance, if a consumer is looking for a performance shirt for say skiing or running, then typically the clothing would be sized to fit more closely to the body. If they were looking for a shirt that works well for yoga, then a standard fit would be more ideal. 

This sizing innovation takes the guess work out of online shopping and allows the consumer to buy with confidence. Not only is Snikwah’s Original  a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes because of its patented convertible neck design allowing for full body protection from the harsh elements but now they have dechipered the lifestyle code for active wear sizing. According to Snikwah President Roy Smith, "No more needless returns. No more disappointments when the anticipated package arrives. Just the right fit for the right activity." 

"No more needless returns. No more disappointments when the anticipated package arrives. Just the right fit for the right activity."

Roy Smith, President Snikwah Worldwide

For the full fitting chart download it here: Download Sizing Chart

Below is a general breakdown of what activities are best for each fit:

Performance Fit
Cross-fit, Running, Cycling, Skiing

Comfort Fit
Skateboarding, Yoga, Hiking, Hunting, Surfing, Landscaping

Loose Fit
Boating, Fishing, Leisure, Sun Cover-up

Snikwah’s active wear line provides comfort, style, and sun protection you can adjust. It is the ideal shirt for active living in any climate, in any activity. Snikwah’s new ME FISH graphic line is now available for a limited time exclusively online at, prior to its in-store retail release later this fall. 

About Snikwah: Snikwah is a clothing line based in Naples, Florida. The creators wanted active wear that allowed them to do what they do, only better. Just like the people that wear it, there is nothing else quite like it. The Snikwah line of shirts are patented, convertible neck performance shirts featuring full range head and upper body coverage. They are made of top quality wicking material by Dri-Release®. Dri-Release® removes moisture from the body to stabilize your internal body temperature in challenging environments like the heat of the burning sun or biting wind with SPF 50 for additional sun protection. These high performance shirts are developed for all outdoor activities from varsity sports to fishing from hunting to hiking. They are breathable and versatile for any challenge.

If you have any questions about sizing, please contact Jacob Albion at 


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